Apr 20, 2013

Nostalgia no 2-Our records

One of my parents records. A great inspiration for me as a child.

Yesterday, Saturday 20.04.2013 it was pouring rain at Tel-Aviv, but still we decided to try our luck and go hiking in the forests near by Jerusalem.
It was fun, for 45 minutes. We even had time to eat a sandwich outdoors...and then of course...it rained...
We returned back to our car just before the big storm began, and had quite a good time listening to the radio. Since it was "Record Day". One of the best stations here 88fm,  played music from different record collections.
I myself have a small collection of records I kept all those years. Some belonged to my parents, some are mine and some belong to my husband.
I have records which are intact, I have some  totally scratched, others with music played by pop bands I will probably never hear, and some which remind me of nostalgic moments.
In my studio stands a record player, which I often use.

Here are  links to music I like.

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