Mar 13, 2013

Nostalgia no 1-Miki Shapiro's magazines

My aunts  textile and fashion magazines

My aunt Miki Shapiro, a very gifted textile & fashion designer was one of the first designers in Israel.
She started her way in Bezalel academy of arts and design in Jerusalem in the 1950's and worked for "Maskit" fashion house- who's clothes and products wished to preserve the legacy of the arts and crafts of the immigrants in Israel.
Miki designed  fabrics and clothes for 50 years and was the founder and force behind the important project named Almaz.
Almaz employed  men and women from the Ethiopian community in order to enable them to maintain a friendly working environment while working on textile products inspired by their culture.
Yesterday my aunt gave me this small treasure...Dozens of fashion and textile magazines and catalogs which she and I hope will inspire me in my art work and more particularly in my collage.

Thank you aunt Miki.

My dad and mom in London.
Mother is wearing one of Miki's Designs


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