Something about me.

Hi , my name is Avital Baron Izackov.
I was born in Brussels, Belgium in 1964 in minus 12 degrees.
My parents were diplomats. A fact that influenced our way of living and my way of thinking, since we often moved from one country to another. 
Mainly "zigzaging" between Milan Italy, Brussels Belgium and Israel.
From the moment I can remember, my parents transmitted to us their interest in various art disciplines: "Swan lake" in the gardens of "La Scala", Bejart in the " Theatre de La Monnaie" in Brussels as well as  Gilbert Becaud, records of Miles Davis and Beethoven.
Filling note books with ideas and thoughts about art and design was an integral part of my life. Imagining video clips and Photographing .  
I graduated in Art History and French language and literature from Tel-Aviv university.
And learned Interior Design at "Hasadna" in Tel-Aviv in the early 90's.
I  have been working as an Interior Designer for the past 17 years , 9 years mainly in Shop Design.
In between I designed Lamp shades and experienced various art techniques.
I started my art career mainly working on collages, combined  with embroidery and sewing,
but simultaneously working on projects that were more conceptual. In fact if I ever thought I would become an artist, these were the kind of projects I imagined doing.
In 2003 I created "Laundry": a project, inspired by my pregnancy experiences. A project which involved photos taken during my second child's pregnancy and laundry.
2012 was the year when different conceptual projects and cooperative initiatives came to life.
I was invited by the "Artist's Succa project" in Binyamina to initiate  a cooperative gallery with a group of artists. We named "ANU gallery"-meaning in Hebrew "us"-"we" .
This cooperation  made it possible for me to dare and work on a variety of projects in which I invited the audience to experience art more actively : "The audience is invited"
                                                                " A taste of Memory"

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