Solo Exhibitions:
* June 2013  "A taste of memory". ANU gallery" 
   (cooperative gallery which I am a member) Binyamina.
   Culinary consultant  ,pastry Chef Efrat Zohar Levkovitch                                                                        
* May 2012  "Out of context". Chopin gallery, Jerusalem Theatre.
   Curator Noga Arad Ayalon.                                                                                      

* Jan 2012  "Between realities" (women's day). "Hassuka" Gallery, Binyamina.
    Curator Nofi Rotem

* Feb 2011  "Read or Torn" . Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery.
   Curator Dorit Talmon.

  Group Exhibitions:

* July 2013 " 100 artists,1 house". Karkur. Avi Kaish

Sep 2012  "News paper " . Kibbutz Gan Shmuel Gallery.
    Curator Dorit Talmon.

* Sep 2012 "Sharing". "Artist's sukka" (a new cultural complex ) , Binyamina.

* May 2012  "links" . "Hangar for contemporary art" , kfar Vitkin
   Curator Osnat Israely

* March 2012  "Internal dialogue" -Project #23: "And I couldn't say" 
   Israeli group  exhibition in "La Macina di San Cresci" gallery.
   Pieve di San Cresci Italy.
   Curator Amili Gelbman


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