Nov 25, 2011

A Mini Interview with " Tuesday" Studio in Japan and 2 cups of long distance tea.

      Binyamina  ............. 2 long distance cups of Tea...................Tokyo        
This year,I began Interviewing people whom I enjoy their work.
I Taged it : "Meeting over a cup of Tea"
The first interview was held with an Herbalist I had met named-Yael Cnaan. She organised a group of people, and took us on an Intriguing journey into the forest nearby Binyamina.    
We learned about herbs and flowers in our area. Which ones we could pick and eat or brew , which were used for medicinal purposes and for a Finale we also tasted a delicious nettle  pesto.
This time I decided to write a post about the Japanese  Design Studio with the catchy name-

 I had the chance to be intoduced to their  web site through a link in a really good blog named
 "La Tartine Gourmande", and  since I  liked their designs, I was curious to know more about the people behind this creative work. I especially liked the design of a book about
 "Finland, Sweden, Denmark"

So I wrote them... And Tomo who was super nice & cooperative about it,  sent me -and hopefully who ever is reading- some info and photos of their studio.
1.Who are the designers in the studio or is it a one man show?
TUESDAY is a husband + wife graphic design team located in Tokyo. Our studio is really tiny, and
a little messy with lots of stuff... 
 We hope you can recognize how we look...

2. What is the studio specializing in? Is it only books or are there other areas you work on? Do u create websites for example?
We like working on the various areas. We create websites, catalogues, stationery... as well as books.

3. I think it's really interesting to see how nowadays a Japanese studio or an Israeli one ,can design a book or an object for another company located on the other side of the hemisphere, only by means of a computer. Is your work only local or do you work for companies all over the world. Is there a difference in the way you approach the design when you work with a foreign company? Due to the lack of personal, "eye to eye" contact?
We luckily have a chance sometimes to work for a foreign companies or people. For us, it's not big different between local and foreign client. Same approach, same process. We can enjoy meeting different people with different culture. As far as the communication with a foreign client, we exchange lots of emails, photos, or any images to share same goal for design.
4. I admit that even before entering your site my "mouse" was tempted to click on your link due to your neat name: " Tuesday" Studio . So Simple yet so cool.Can you tell me why you chose this name?
We started "TUESDAY" in 2005. Simple and open, positive and original, daily and personal are our concept for design and communication.
We chose the "TUESDAY" because we imagined the word can tell our concept much. "TUESDAY" is the word which can be recognized all over the world. "TUESDAY" is the word related to a daily life. "TUESDAY" has neutral and peaceful image in 7 days for us(better than Monday, quieter than Friday).
5. Is there a company or studio you would wish to work with? What would be the ultimate project for your studio?
We wish to work with "minä perhonen(". They are so beautiful, cool, and modern with Japan atmosphere. Also, we want to publish a travel book of the place we just want to go.

I was very much impressed by the quality and amount of designs a "2 person" office can achieve.
Their work was very inspiring for me.
I recommend you enter their Beautifully designed web.

Thank You Tomo + Chiyo Togawa for the interview: sharing with us your work and thoughts.
I had fun writing you and imagining you answering me with a cup of tea, on the other side of the

 "arigato"* to you from avital

*"Thank you"- in Japanese


Nov 2, 2011

An abundance of Olives In our neighbourhood-גשם של זיתים אצלנו בשכונה

          Between Summer and Winter...barely Autumn here in Israel. The Grapes have been harvested, the vine leaves turned yellow and red and now the olives are gracefully waiting their turn to be picked  . Large canvas sheets are spread on the ground, trees are being shaken and a rain of  olives  , green and black pour down, just to be picked by olive lovers who can't wait to fill their buckets and begin with the art of preserving/curing the olives.                 
We, were invited by our neighbours to the local harvest of their TREE.
This year, the tree which had grown too high, got a "Hair cut" , and their alley scattered with olive branches became a joyful meeting place for all the neighbours.

Thanks to our neighbours and their local Olive Tree

בבקרים הקיץ עוד מבקר אך לעת ערב רוחות הסתיו כבר מתדפקות והעלים על שלל צבעיהם כבר מבצבצים בגינות. הענבים נבצרו ועכשיו עצי הזית העמוסים פרי מחכים לתורם. יריעות רחבות נפרשות בכל פינה במושבה.בשדרות ובבתים עולים על סולמות מעבירים דליים ו"חולבים" ענפים.  הענפים כה עמוסים בפרי, שלא נותר אלא להעביר את היד על פניהם בתנועת חליבה וגשם של זיתים שחורים וירוקים נשפכים הישר לדלי. ולאוהבי הזיתים לא נותר אלא למהר עם דליהם ולהתחיל באומנות הכבישה.

השנה הוזמנו עלידי שכננו למסיק של העץ השכונתי. עץ הזית שצמח לו אלעל ,סופר וענפיו שנשרו הישר לסימטא זימנו את באי השכונה למסוק ולהנות ממפגש שכונתי.

תודה לשכננו וכמובן לעץ הזית השכונתי!

and then it Rained...
ואז ירד גשם.....

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