Apr 23, 2012

Earth day 2012 at home

This year I decided to take part in the "Earth Day" event.
Not that I didn't want to participate in this ecological educational one hour project
at previous times, but I admit...I always forgot.....
My daughters were very excited to be part of this worldwide feeling of shutting
off the lights , and for a brief moment feel the ways of past days, when no one could just "switch the lights on".
 I suppose they lit.... every candle in the house and were very pleased with themselves.
 I can tell you It looked very romantic when my husband came back home
and saw all those candles.... My eldest, Zohar, decided to make dinner,
 and each of us ate a delicious meal according to what had been ordered previously.
 My youngest, Noga, was occupied with the candles and I had a brief moment
 to sit on the sofa and take a few pictures....
(Noga requested to shorten the "1 h" event by 15 min...
It was very urgent for her to watch a TV programme...well it's the intention that counts...)

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