Mar 27, 2012

yes!! Spring is definitely here!

"The sound of ......frogs"

An abundance of colors, smells, sounds and sights .
 Spring is here and I couldn't be more happy!

We really love to go on daily trips with our pickup truck.
 It's always an opportunity for us to spend quality time together.
 Talk, admire nature, picnic together and listen to music we like.

This time we were all overwhelmed by the sights.
   Multicolor flower beds and the music of flowing water, bees and frogs ....

the enchanting sounds of frogs.....

now you can play..."hide and seek with  the frog"
This year we were blessed with rain,
 and while driving through the paths of the river Dishon in upper Galilee
 we couldn't get over the intensity of the river flow .

I presume that for someone coming from Europe this is not a rare sight, to say the least.
 But I can assure you for us it is!
 We have made this same trip 3 years ago, and i can tell you
our car didn't have to pass through the river in order to continue our route....
By car...

By foot... 
I love music. I listen to music most of the day,
so every once in awhile I like to add a song I just heard to my posts.
  This time you're welcome to listen to Willie Nelson's song "On the road again".
Gil and I like to watch a programme named... "Spain... on the road again"
with chef Mario Batali, actresses  Gwyneth Paltrow and Claudia Bassols and the journalist Mark Bittman. It's a fun well made programme...

while beeing on the road ...again


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