Jan 18, 2012

"Mornin" Birthdays in our family. "יום הולדת "בוקרית

It's super fun to celebrate in the morning!

         When it comes to celebrating my Birthday, I'm just like a child. Counting the days, making plans and reminding whom ever is cooperative what I would like as a present.
Birthdays in our family are always a BIG issue. It becomes a "Birth Week" or sometimes even 2 weeks....An ongoing festival .
For my daughters, it's celebrating at home, at their grandmother's house with all the family, at a sushi bar or for the young one at a coffee shop, with their class and at my husband's parents.
We start the Birthday celebrations in the morning, just before going to school or work, with what my youngest calls "Mornin Birthday".
"Mommy can we celebrate my "mornin" earlier this year?"
"What do you mean by earlier?"
"Mom please, please can you surprise me next week?"
"But your Birthday is due in 2 weeks!"
"It doesn't matter. As long as it's real soon, I can't wait anymore"
And that is how we "SURPRISE" her every year.....
Since the girls are due in school at 8.00, the preparations start the day before.

We bake a cake or prepare some special cookies . Lately we became lazy and started buying goodies .....Then comes the issue of hiding it ....And when the birthday girl is a sleep, my husband's job is to inflate an endless stream of balloons. Whereas I  have a good excuse for arranging the house for a good morning vibe.

We wake the "non celebrating" daughter to start arranging the table for the Mini Morning party, real early. And then we wake up the B day Girl or Father or..... with cake, candles and presents.

Every time the girls plan another theme for the table setting....Jungle theme....Pet shop toys....playmobil....flowers....sweets theme etc...

It's highly recommended!

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