Jul 21, 2011

A5-Crucifixion versus Pieta

    A few days ago I decided to submit 2 of my collages to a super web Magazine named A5 http://www.thea5magazine.com/.
The Subject being "Ritual", I immediately thought of submitting 2 works of mine.
One which depicts a "crucified " woman. The second the "Pieta".
I admit  that when I was working on the first collage I didn't think of the woman as being "crucified", But when people referred to this work as the "crucified" woman , I couldn't deny it. The stretched Arms, The darker elements weighing on her shoulders, suggested a martyrs scene...
In the second work, I felt I  had the opportunity to work on "Decrucifing" the woman or in a more Freudian analysis: "Decrucifing" myself.
 As that being so, I decided to work on the  "Pieta" theme. Although it's not the classical presentation of the Pieta , featuring Maria holding Jesus ,it's my own personal version of the Christian ritual.
As "Ritual" I am referring not only to the Christian scenes themselves,
 but also to the recurring act of  presenting these scenes over & over again through all of  Art History, in endless versions and techniques as part of an ongoing Artistic ritual.

"La Pieta"

"La Crucifix"

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