Sep 1, 2010

Read or Torn

5 years of endless train rides to work, between Binyamina and Tel-aviv, led to an obsessive reading of the cultural section of the "Haaretz Newspaper":Galeria- as a mean of escapism.
I virtually visited almost every exhibition I read about in those years, in Israel and abroad.
While day dreaming on the train I went to all the festivals, shows, dance performances, Biennales, Triennales and Quadriennales...
But of course only virtually.
The hectic mother/wife/working combination didn't leave much time for the live show.
I was "deflated" of time and energy to visit a REAL MUSEUM, while my bag "inflated" and became a living  archive of all read and unread newspapers.
It took quite a while, but eventually I began visiting  those "chosen exhibitions" myself.
Well not many of them , but still, I felt a change of wind and the desire to experience this change, which was nurtured for quite a while, was at last out there in the open.
This led to my first collages....
They were very decorative and naives, mostly flower motifs.
Quite quickly the naive and cheerful themes were replaced with issues I had been consciously avoiding for quite a while; death, secrets, fears....
I still kept commuting by train for quite a while, reading and tearing those bits and pieces I needed for my work. There were days I had the patience and time to read about other peoples lifes and deeds, and days  the headlines and images where enough to be inspired from.
The newspaper was gradually dissected into pieces or scanned for the right motifs which were all put aside for the inspiring moment .
Old  encyclopedias,  museum catalogues, design magasines and especially Art books-including the one that was thick enough to be used as a sofa leg-were all at great risk of being cut, torn and hid in various recycled boxes.
Every headline and text eventually bore a life of it's own regardless of it's previous one, and as such was torn and sticked to my collage with a new conotation...

"Untitled" 2010
Newspaper and Book clippings.
gouach and relief painting on Newspaper
16.5 cm/28.5 cm

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