Aug 10, 2010

my very first post

I've started writing my first post, or should I say one of many drafts, two years before even creating a blog.
"It's been two years since..."* i've decided to leave my job as an interior designer and have a "go" at a new way of  living.
Two amazing years have past by with endless creativity, satisfaction and enlightment interlaced with deceptions, various super complex issues to deal with and experimentation of new and old domains, let's call it - complexperimentation - for the simplicity of it.
Starting this blog is as challenging and intriguing for me as starting my "new way" but it's definitely " way.." 
I picture myself as a cliche of a child hypnotized by the display of a candy store. Only for me it woud be a Patisserie : endless choices between croissants, madeleines, coloured macarons and of course tartes aux framboises.

my selfmade tarte aux framboise

A while ago it all seemed very confusing and it still is, but amidst all the wonderfull possibilites, i've made a choice of commiting myself to "Creativity"  or as Julia Cameron would say "...practicing the art of creative living."**
I started creating my work on News papers; sticking shreds of magazines, sewing, painting, tearing,
taking pictures of my work, hiking every now and then on the hills of  the nearby nature park "Ramat Hanadiv" and observing the changes of seasons through the photos I took of the "fauna and flora", well mainly flora, but it just sounds better together.
After six months work in my kitchen, between piles of dishes and frozen chicken breasts, I transferred myself to my super "petite" studio in the garden where now in August 40 deg c can be measured. 
Well that's all for a super serious first post.
Hope you'll join me in my next post.
Can't help adding my daughters diving video.

* This opening is usually associated with an AA meeting
   It occured to me that in my mind, changing the way of living
   is apparently associated with an addiction for our old well preserved habits, 
   and therfore detoxification is needed.
** Julia Cameron  "The Artists Way"

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