Dec 19, 2010

Home Sweet Home

                                                       HOME SWEET HOME

 Hi my name is Avital Baron Izackov and I live in a small House in a town named Binyamina,
with my husband Gil and two daughters; Zohar (which means shining, glorious) & Noga (the star Venus in hebrew).
As you can see the Greek Isles had quite an  influence on us while planning our home.
Building a pseudo-Greek house is not entirely "kosher" when you're an Interior Designer, with  a pretentious agenda of building and designing according to a general awareness of ones local motifs.
I Could  write about different architectural and design motifs which influence all the coastal countries of the Mediterranean area, and as so my  house "Greek or not" is totally Mediterranean....
But Hey it's my home... and Since at the moment I'm not a resident of a Greek island, I might as well live in a pseudo-greek house and enjoy my vacation here at home in Israel .So let's leave it as it is and Enjoy a visit to my house.

Wellcome-ברוכים הבאים

our front porch is one of my favourite places

I took some photos of my home just as I felt the autumn wind flowing from the north, the heat became moderate, and autumn clouds floated through the clear blue sky. It felt for a moment as if it will actually Rain. didn't!
Every morning I sit outdoors eating my breakfast , writing, and sometimes if it's possible working on the couch which I absolutely adore. My friend Stephanie indulged us with this super couch. (check out her super blog 

my alternative greek coffee shop, with Italian coffee...

a garden within a garden

Sitting on my couch I have an Ideal view; The garden which in the morning is so quiet you can hear the bees hum....and the sky. Sometimes I just stare at the clouds, It's quite meditative.

clouds and meditation

our cosy living room

Thats all for now.....
will add more photos later




  1. So lovely, is love the greek look of the house and specially the little designs that makes a beautiful total look.

  2. The pictures are really good. Especially the one with the table on the porch and the two chairs...


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