Nov 19, 2010

A foggy morning

Once upon a time there was a strange planet.
Its name was Planet Earth.
Once, children at school were taught there were four seasons : autumn, winter, spring and summer.
Well I think they were all misinformed.
December is only two weeks away and here in my very controversial, strange and complicated Homeland Israel, the weather can't make up it's mind too.
It's shinny and hot; an average of 28 c degrees.
The only difference between now and Real summer heat is the lack of humidity and 10 degrees less.
Thank god for that!
This morning I woke up at 5.40 preparing my self for a morning walk.
Every thing seemed as ordinary as could be; my husband had already sneaked out of the house for his morning ride, my daughters still asleep, and as usual the cats inside and outdoors sensing a movement in the house swiftly lined up outside waiting for their very early breakfast, which in their case I'm not really sure which fast they "broke", since they are constantly eating...
Anyway as I closed the door, leaving  my cosy warm home behind me, I realized the street was covered with a soft blanket of grayish fog...The temprature had dropped radically (probably 26 c instead of 28 c....) and out of the fog, a roaming sound introduced the appearance of our Toyota pickup truck.
With who else but my disappointed cyclist husband who due to the very dense fog returned home from the wood, with all his accumulated adrenalin still pumping in his blood.

Haerez St 6.15 friday morning

A foggy playground 6.15 friday morning

a sunny playground 2 hours later


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  1. Avital,
    I enjoyed reading your post, full of simple everyday life sharing.


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